How To Make Your First Dollar – Day 1

I made an rather large impulse buy today. No, it wasn’t getting cake, or another item for my dirtbike. This item wasn’t a new macbook pro (which is very tempting right now) or some new clothes. My purchase can’t be quantified (yet) or even grasped (even though I’ve already tasted a teeny bit of it). My impulse buy today came about from casually surfing my email on the way into work to an on-site client’s office.

The Title Grabbed Me

I see this rather interesting title in my inbox and I start reading namely because I remember when AppSumo began. I remember seeing the original landing page with goofy graphics. I remember seeing it evolve into offering the kind of products I occasionally splurge on like ebooks, web app subscriptions, and the like. So when I saw this title, I had to click. Then I read. Then I saw Noah list his phone number and immediately I’m calling bullshit, but I’ll bite. I text him how stoked I was to sign up and his response is “Awesome. Let’s Roll”…and I see all the items I get for $420 (I’m pragmatic so I purchased the 12 month plan) and all I can think of is I have to do this. For my idea to work (more on that later), I need help. So I bought in. All I can promise is that I’ll record the good and the bad here and the results will speak for themselves.

Today is only the Beginning

I’ve just sent out to twelve people asking them for $1 dollar and investing in me. That wasn’t that hard, but asking complete strangers to give me money is really tough for me. So in an effort to change that, I’m asking you – will you please invest one dollar in me?


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