Simple Tricks for Boosting your Email Responses

This is so good it’s stolen – meaning I wasn’t the smart guy who came up with it.

Noah Kagan (from the incredible AppSumo) shared these four points to sending a great email:

  1. Flattery – Spend a minute and tell them why their awesome – reinforce their value they provided in the past, tell them how much you love their product or service, shower them with praise on a recent award, etc. Whatever is applicable to them.
  2. Credibility – Establish why you’re uniquely positioned as an authority. Tell them why they should work with you.
  3. Benefit (Why it’s good for them) – Make it about the other person – list how you will provide great benefits for them for following up.
  4. Call to Action – Give them something to do next. Are you wanting to have a meeting? Tell them when you’re available, don’t ask them to get back with you when their available.

Make sure your email is about the other person. What benefit will they receive? Stop talking about yourself and focus on what you’ll do for them.

Make sure your email is digestible. It should be broken up into small sentences for them to read. Noah recommend’s keeping one thought per sentence. Sounds good to me.

Other memorable points

Why Read When you can Watch

Enjoy 🙂

BONUS: Here’s 9 tips for you if you don’t have time to watch Noah

  1. Subject line is critical.
  2. Flattery – Where is it?
  3. < Outline > the benefits for the reader!
  4. HOW are you credible?
  5. How have you shown you are invested.
  6. Separate the lines for each concept.
  7. What is your Call to Action?
  8. Rejected? A) Request a good time to check back in, B) Ask for a specific referral, C) Ask Why?
  9. Make it about them!!!

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