Simple Tips For Your Online Giveaway Strategy

Simple Online Giveaway Strategies
I’ve helped more companies set up and manage successful online giveaway strategies than I can count when I worked at
The most successful ones captured tens of thousands of email in one campaign (and are still going strong). Four Sigmatic, Kettle & Fire, and Hemper come to mind, but there were many, many more companies that had +30% conversions in their giveaway.
Most of these companies asked me these same 6 questions that I’ve answered below and shared with you for free.
Without further ado, here are some of my online giveaway strategies for running a successful giveaway to grow your email list:
  1. Something Your Audience Already Wants – The giveaway should definitely relate to what it is you’re selling or talking about. If you blog about all things Disney, something as simple as giving away pairs of Mickey Ears every 24 hours definitely relates to your blog on Disney World. Some of the best giveaway items I’ve helped people with were small priced items.
  2. Use (Great) Photography – Regardless of the prize, you should use a professional-looking photograph. Or custom graphics that show the ideal customer scenario for your product. When I helped customers do giveaways, popups that had photographs often did 2x times better than ones without.
  3. Showcase Your Winners – Everyone loves a giveaway…and then they are skeptical because of how many businesses fail to show previous winners enjoying their prize. Don’t be this business!
  4. Be Your Own Hype Man – Hype up the giveaway BEFORE even announcing what you’re giving away. People are going to get excited and share your details. Help them out! Even if it’s just one day where you’re posting a simple “It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway – Let’s do one tomorrow!” – make sure and
  5. Anything Can Be A Prize – In the past I’ve helped businesses give away gift cards, store credit, free consultations, etc. EVERYTHING has value – align your prize with what your audience cares about and give it away. Even better, if it fails to gain traction, use that data as what’s NOT important for your audience.
  6. Setting The Right Expectations – I’ve helped businesses do giveaways in 24 hour period (, but I mostly recommend setting reasonable expectations of a couple weeks to a month for your audience. Make sure your marketing language communicates a “DO IT NOW OR YOU’LL MISS OUT” scenario and have a great email sequence that reminds them of their giveaway. People will put off literally anything and forget. Don’t let them forget.
  7. Have A Timeline Of Communication (and email sequence) – Most people think they can just “start” a giveaway. The best giveaways require commitments to being successful. They don’t have to be, but why settle for mediocre? Put effort into the entire giveaway experience and maximize your success with leading with these questions on messaging:
    1. When they first see your giveaway
    2. When they successfully enter it
    3. 50% of the way into the giveaway timeline
    4. 90% of the way into the giveaway timeline
    5. Immediately when the giveaway ends – what do you tell the winner (yay!) vs all the losers (apologies)
    6. 24 hours after the giveaway end date
I hope this helps you with your giveaway giving strategies for 2020.
What’s your struggle with doing successful giveaways? Let me know in the comments below.

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