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Campus Benefits is an insurance provider of health benefits solutions for public educational institutions. After discussing the growing and potential their needs, we quickly agreed that a foundational technology update with minor visual enhancements were in order.

An early challenge was reviewing the site code and seeing what would carryover and what needed to be created. After looking through code, I realized a new, modern optimized framework was in order. I’m a huge fan of using ZURB’s Foundation as a CMS framework, so I used that as a basis for redeveloping the site for modern needs.

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The overall goal was keeping the general look of the site consistent. There were a multitude of marketing collateral that has the look, color scheme and feel of the website. I couldn’t deviate from the original design but needed to bring the site into a more modern look. I compensated by adding a nice header on top and creating certain design elements that give it enough of a modern design.

Site performance was a continuing concern since the old site would sometimes crash or go down inexplicably. I coordinated a reliable hosting environment and a well-established CMS powering it all with respect to MediaTemple as the host and WordPress as the platform of choice.

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