What I’m All About

How many Fridays have you ended with that sinking feeling?

The feeling that no matter what you did this week, your business felt like it didn’t move forward. Worse yet, it felt like it went backward.

When did it become so hard to get people to come to your site, quickly find what is that you do, and become a sale?

It’s time to break free from staying up late all night and reading another online article telling you another “useful tactic”.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not looking to become the next billionaire, you want to enjoy having a successful business and the crazy freedom it gives you.

I have some good news for you…

My Name is Chris Wyatt

I’m passionate about several things in life, and if there’s one thing that I’ve learned early on in my career, it’s this…

I have a unique ability in understanding complex business problems from a different perspective than most people. This odd “reverse engineering perspective” allows me to create actionable solutions for clients that are based on real-world successes I’ve already done.

I’ve been blessed to work with amazing clients such as TheChive, Mint, Shopify, BigThink, LAUNCH, Bulletproof Coffee, William Painter, Kettle and Fire, Four Sigmatic, Bark Box, Nomadic Matt, GrooveHQ, Harvard Health, Reboot With Joe, James Clear and thousands more (Sumo’s allowed me to scale this quite rapidly). I’m thankful to have met really great people along the way that have also helped me understand their similar challenges along the way…

Being the go-to “Success Sumo” for years now and developed creative growth strategies for converting visitors into subscribers and ultimately into 6, 7, and 8 figure sales – I’ve helped countless business owners build their businesses online from multi-million dollar empires.

How I Can Help You

Using almost 20 years of business-building knowledge and real-world experience, my mission is to help you grow your business exponentially. By recognizing the patterns of success and failure, I can help you increase your online sales immediately using specific growth strategies and online marketing assistance.

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